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NeuroOne Medical Technologies Incorporated (Ticker: NMTC) is a medical technology company focused on improving surgical care options and outcomes for patients suffering from neurological disorders, initially targeting epilepsy. We are currently focused on the development and commercialization of patented thin-film, cortical electrode technology for intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG) and depth electrodes for stereoelectroencephalography (sEEG) recording of brain activity.

The products currently available in these categories have significant limitations such as low recording resolution and high risk of infection. NeuroOne believes our technology can address these unmet needs upon initial commercialization with pipeline technology that enables minimally invasive techniques and all-in-one diagnostic and therapeutic options. While our initial focus is epilepsy, future applications in Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremors, and Dystonia are additional conditions we plan to target.

NeuroOne technologies will be presented to a well-defined market which we believe will be eager for the advancement they bring. There are 188 hospital centers licensed to perform epilepsy surgical procedures in the U.S. The current addressable market opportunity is approximately $525.6 million. As more patients choose the minimally invasive procedures made available by NeuroOne technology, the future opportunity is estimated to be approximately $14.9 billion with full market penetration. Learn more >>

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