About NeuroOne

A Pioneer in Cortical

Electrode Technology

Positioned for the Long Term

We built NeuroOne for the long haul, focused on both our impact on healthcare and growth. This has influenced every decision we’ve made from our management team, to our financing and development process. Our culture values the highest quality work, methodical research, and lasting collaboration with opinion leading experts in our field.

Our ethos is contagious, allowing us to attract thought leading experts and partners to help guide us through the next stage of our mission. We built an experienced management team, world-class board of directors, and assembled impressive scientific and artificial intelligence advisory boards. Read about them below.

Management Team

Dave Rosa

President and CEO

Mark Christianson

VP of Market Development

Tom Bachinski

Chief Development Officer

Steve Mertens

Chief Technology Officer

Scott Heuler

VP of Sales

Leah Noaeill

Senior Director of Marketing

Board of Directors

Suraj Kalia


Dave Rosa

President and CEO