About NeuroOne

A Pioneer in Cortical

Electrode Technology

Mayo Clinic

NeuroOne entered into a license and development agreement with Mayo Clinic. NeuroOne licensed worldwide certain know how for the development and commercialization of products, methods and processes related to flexible circuit thin film technology for the recording of tissue and the products developed therefrom.

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

NeuroOne entered into an Exclusive Start-Up Company License Agreement with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). WARF granted NeuroOne an exclusive license to make, use and sell, in the U.S. products that employ certain licensed patents for a neural probe array or thin-film micro electrode array and method.

Cleveland Clinic

NeuroOne has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to co-develop an ablation electrode capable of recording brain activity and ablating brain tissue. The Cleveland Clinic has performed testing in bench top and preclinical animal models. Additional preclinical studies are planned.