Turning Brain Signals

Into Actionable Solutions

NeuroOne’s next generation electrode portfolio leverages flexible printed circuit technology. We are developing patented designs to provide a higher-resolution recording of neuron activity. Through analysis of brain activity from countless neurons in the brain, NeuroOne aims to develop powerful new solutions to unmet neurological conditions.


The Next Frontier of Neurology

Neurostimulation is a rapidly growing field in healthcare technology. NeuroOne is exploring how targeted electrical signals and artificial intelligence can offer solutions to a wide array of currently intractable neurological conditions, ranging from epilepsy to short-term memory loss.

NeuroOne is developing high-definition, minimally invasive diagnostics and treatments based on our unique devices and expertise in scalable electrode technology. Our initial focus is on epilepsy and the fast-growing neurostimulation device market.

Strong Commitment to Innovation

NeuroOne is working with leading experts and organizations to develop a comprehensive product portfolio and explore applications in neurological conditions beyond epilepsy.

Key Scientific Publications

We’re aiming to transform the way epilepsy is diagnosed and treated. We’re proud to have already presented 2 abstracts at the American Epilepsy Society, both providing promising evidence that our electrode technology could offer valuable improvements in surgical treatment and beyond.

Looking Beyond Epilepsy

The potential for next-generation cortical electrodes goes far beyond epilepsy. We’ve entered into strategic licensing and development agreements with Mayo Clinic and WARF where after revolutionizing epilepsy care, we’ll be taking on the challenge of other demanding neurological conditions.

Creating Value for Investors

NeuroOne is a publicly traded company with a clearly defined path to commercialization and growth, strong validation from leading institutions, and a world-class leadership and advisory team. Check out our Investor Resources for financial and governance information, SEC filings, and other materials.